It's Not Just Fashion

Because Friendster is no longer cool and we refuse to tweet, we're making a tumblr. Delve into the terrible combination of Charlie and Marisa's minds that is: It's Not Just Fashion.


PRO: Anna Sui’s Target line is inspired by Gossip Girl: Who doesn’t want to look like Blair or Serena for $39.99 to $79.99?

CON: Her line uses looks for old runway shoes: Who wants every girl across America wearing that semi-one of a kind look to…a high school dance?

PRO: You can buy it at almost any Target. Even Suzy Homemaker in East Bumbiddle can wear that Taylor Momsen vest/cover-up/balero.

CON: The line is cheaper than her regular one for a reason: the fabric is cheaper. READ: Stay away from open flames while wearing these dresses.

SOLUTION: This is exactly why we love cheap chic! Take the line for what it is, great clothes at great prices for everyone! Consider Marisa a new found “frugalista”