It's Not Just Fashion

Because Friendster is no longer cool and we refuse to tweet, we're making a tumblr. Delve into the terrible combination of Charlie and Marisa's minds that is: It's Not Just Fashion.


Hello from Taiwan!  One half (Marisa) of It’s Not Just Fashion has made it out of final exams (barely) alive and is now in Taiwan!  Luckily, she has Internet in her several hotels and has some pockets of time to share some Taiwanese fashion with you, yay!  Right now, I’m up in the mountains of Taiwan, near the Taroko Gorges which are absolutely breathtaking mountains that reach the clouds and are densely covered in greenery, marble boulders and waterfalls/streams.  Yesterday, I went for lunch in the Taroko Gorges at a restaurant run by an aboriginal Taiwanese tribe called, Atayal.  The old women in this tribe have their faces covered in tattoos which they had done at the age of 13.  In the ancient Atayal culture, when women became, cough cough, a woman (usually around 13) they had their face tattooed.  Check it out, and really be glad you aren’t a female member of the Atayal tribe!  Fashion-wise in the mountains, you’re mostly either a monk or dressed in very traditional Chinese style or in hiking gear climbing the trails.  Shops are filled with lots of jade (got a little jade frog necklace yesterday), and lots of beautiful wood carvings.

Will try to continue to update when I get back to the city, Taipei, tomorrow!