It's Not Just Fashion

Because Friendster is no longer cool and we refuse to tweet, we're making a tumblr. Delve into the terrible combination of Charlie and Marisa's minds that is: It's Not Just Fashion.


Last night’s New York premiere of Twilight: New Moon brought out a slew of unlikely fashion folk to come fete the tween obsession that is Twilight.  Agyness Deyn, Jessica Stam, Rachel Roy and Lydia Hearst were just a few of the fashionistas supporting the film’s premiere.  Ok, we realize the party was also sponsored by D&G, but these people still had to supposedly sit through the entirety of New Moon and deal with the crazed Twilight fans aka “Twihards.”  So this got us thinking, why might members of the fashion industry openly be supportive of a film we would think is beneath them?  Do these fashion heavy-hitters secretly sit around reading Twilight aloud and drooling over pictures of Robert Pattison?  This has actually gotten us quite puzzled.  But then again, maybe we’re overanalyzing this; walking the red carpet at a movie premiere is one thing, the day we see Jessica Stam trying to rip off a lock of R-Patz’s hair, then maybe we’ll believe that even the elite of the fashion industry aren’t immune to the magic that is Twilight.