It's Not Just Fashion

Because Friendster is no longer cool and we refuse to tweet, we're making a tumblr. Delve into the terrible combination of Charlie and Marisa's minds that is: It's Not Just Fashion.


Ok, this shit is B.A.N.A.N.A.S.  Taylor Jacobson just announced over email that she is leaving the Rachel Zoe Corporation.  What will the show be without her constant whining, threatening to quit, dirty looks, and sunglasses inside? She is one of the major reasons why the show ‘shuts it down’. We love how she puts Brad in his place constantly, but we also love all of her fashion moments: the leather Dior dress at Avenue, the half-leapord jacket, the skinny jeans, the Louboutin booties: EVERYTHING. We die for everything she wears. LITERALLY. We’re also super bummed she decided to leave outside the time of filming (how great would the awkward tension have been between her Rachel and Brad when she said she was quitting but was typing ferociously on her blackberry the whole time). Who will Brad constantly make jealous and pick on?  More importantly, how will ANYTHING EVER get done at Rachel Zoe Corp.?!  In the name of all that is vintage Chanel, Taylor come back!

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