It's Not Just Fashion

Because Friendster is no longer cool and we refuse to tweet, we're making a tumblr. Delve into the terrible combination of Charlie and Marisa's minds that is: It's Not Just Fashion.


Ever since the announcement this summer that Rodarte would be doing a line for Target, the fashion world has literally been peeing it’s pants with excitement.  I mean, we love us some Rodarte, but sometimes we feel like these designer Target lines get built up like they’re the second coming of Jesus, only to find out that they’re poorly made, ill-fitting, cheap-looking versions of the real thing which we will never be able to afford.  BUT sometimes, Targé (as we like to pronounce it) does not let us down, like with the Alexander McQueen for Target mermaid dress last spring, which Marisa bought on its first day out in stores, much to the dismay of other shoppers because she had the flu and really should not have been out in public, much less trying on clothes.  We got our hands on some images of the Rodarte for Target line ($9.99-$79.99) that will be out December 20.  What do you think?  We loves the bow black dress (obvi), but the leopard seems a little tired à la Kate Moss for Top Shop, to us.  Either way, we’ll likely be at Target its opening day, in sickness or in health.

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